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 We are a full service creative agency that offers

 photography , music video, prop /product placement, studio space, wig rental , graphic design, marketing campaigns, film production, video editing, content curation and all things visual.


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Lifestyle and portrait photography is our field of expertise.

We have versatile creative still Photographers, for any photo project.

Our photographers have proven business skills and strong visual creativity,

We are confident that our qualifications and experience will be of interest to you. Our studio produces clean photographic images, both in the studio and on location, for many prestigious clients in the fashion and film industry.

Our team will immerse themselves in your project to create the most exciting images for your project or event.

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We wear many hats in design including Set Decorator/Designer, Painter, Production Designer, Conceptual Artist, builder with the help of our industry professionals with strong visual arts skills.

Art Department
Art Director
Set Decorator
Set Dresser
Set Decoration Buyer / Shopper



With backgrounds in both the entertainment/media and business worlds, our team plays a key supporting role to our fellow creatives. As a team, we can assure you we'll put 110% into every production - big or small - to make sure everyone reaches success.

Project management including prioritizing, organizing. Love to work hard with a team and achieve goals with other friendly creative people. There's one major constant that stands out in our work: elevating others. We're strong communicators with a work ethic that won't quit.  

Our Los Angeles-based cinematographers expertise in creating highly stylized and visually stunning commercials, fashion films, shorts, music videos, and lifestyle and branded content.


Through our careers over the years, we've been fortunate to learn the tools and the skills in all stages of production and business management: whether it be the developmental stage, casting and prod. coordinating, filming, or editing to final delivery -

incredible experience in managing departments on various productions.

we have you covered.


A Fashion Wardrobe Stylist experienced in all areas of styling including:


- Advertising
- Red Carpet -Celebrity 
- Music video

- Commercials
- Editorial 
- Look Books - Catalogue

- Style Update - Make Over
- Excellent contacts with designer brands



 The Peacock Lounge "Green Room" has textured backdrops for creating amazing content. We have custom bolster and seashell pillows, rotary phone, 20” custom gold lowrider bike, wicker peacock chair, large peacock feather fans, fluffy robes and more. This place has great vintage vibes with the furnishings, props and fixtures. Custom Green Room from with velvet flocked wallpaper, green carpet, velvet couches and chairs, boxwood grass wall, swing for maternity and / or beauty shots. Follow us on IG @thepeacockloung










Over a decade of experience making high quality custom wigs and providing reliable, skilled hair extension services. 

Having worked in the industry of film, television, theatre and print media, as a custom wig  designer, hairstylist, with many award winning and talented people, I’ve always strived to provide the highest quality standard of work to each individual, with passion, creativity and hard work .

Freelance Hair stylist, Makeup artist & Groomer. 15 years experience Television, film production, print, commercials, videos, editorial ad campaigns and runways

Need a custom wig design team for your movie, video or television show? Aspiring Future Member of IASTE Local 706--Makeup & Hair Union in Hollywood, CA



 A visual content creator with over 10 years of experience, including photography, video, art direction, web design,


Very imaginative story tellers with experience in film production,

We have created commercials, music videos, branded web content for several clients with a wide range of budget. We know how to utilize available resources efficiently to provide the best outcome.

We’ve had the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of camera, lenses, lighting and framing; but more importantly, learned the language of cinematography.  these interconnected pieces of filmmaking has allowed us to thrive in collaboration  while producing innovative and compelling work.



Our professional makeup and hair artist, who specializes in clean, fresh, makeup for both men and women in production, commercial and print.

We utilizes our eye for detail to ensure the highest quality of work. We work very well with visionary teams to develop looks and maintain cohesiveness though out the project.

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