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The Eiffel Tower. Paris, France Sitting Pretty.

If you wait for someone to join you, you may never experience the world. This trip inspired our vacation packages. A Power Shoot Abroad is thee best way to preserve all of the memories and market your brand.

It's every Fashionista's Dream to visit France and one of its most romantic cities Paris. Just like SJP (Sara Jessica Parker - Sex in the City) I bought and archived, these Black & White Looks to slay while on vacation. I received complimentary upgrade to first class on the flight there and back because I was dressed the part. leave those Bonnets at home ladies. the Airport is and international meeting place and you never know who you can run into.

Ode to Lagerfeld: As a certified label whore, ive always dreamed to walk the streets and visit the store in one of the worlds largest fashion capitals. Watch my Dream come true as I pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Christian Louboutin in this Video.

Every Girl should travel alone at least once.

This was My 30th Birthday Trip to Paris. Smiling ear to ear as the locals yell out " Bellissima". I will always remember this moment.

Les Deux Plateaux

The Palais-Royal is a former royal palace located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France. The screened entrance court faces the Place du Palais-Royal, opposite the Louvre. It used to be the home of a royal family.

Escargot... for the First time in France.

How was it?? The Buttery Garlic flavor was great. But a snail is a Snail. This is definitely an acquired taste. We've all heard that the French can come across pretty snobbish, but locals were impressed by ability to enjoy my time alone and suggested other dishes they believed I might enjoy. A Foodie's Paradise. Check out this things to do list I found on trip advisor.


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