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Overcoming my Fears in Thailand. Tigers and Elepants, Oh my!

Try New Shit! ... And Write it Off.

Meet LA-LA , the 600 lb Tiger

This is one of my All Time fav shots. Running joke is look and her paw to my head ratio. Thank God she was feed a piece of fish in this shot. The Photographer and I were scared shitless.

I was seriously afraid of cats after a bad experience. I like to challenge myself to overcome fears, get out of my comfort zone and try new things. This experience was Beyond something I would normally do. But So Worth it.

Why the Largest Tiger in the Kingdom? What inspired me to get in that cage?

I mean the cubs were cute. But Low-key... there would have been too many

other tourist in my shot. So I siked myself out and decided she wasn't that ferocious.... until I got close to her. I had to remove the sunglasses every time she looked at me soo I didn't trigger her. I was soo scared, I Look like a G though. Lol

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