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James Bond Island, Thailand, Power Shoot Abroad.

A Creative way to document your vacation & market your brand.

Phucket, Thailand. Some of the best monuments and beautiful beaches to shoot. My Sister got offered her dream position and was not able to attend her own birthday vacation. So I decided instead of tagging along with her friends that I did not know, that I would see the city my way.

Prior to traveling I researched and documented all of the activities I'd like to do, and the places I wanted to see. Per usual, I had to capture the beauty of this country with drone shots, wardrobe and hair.

“An Elephant is not affected by Sunshine or Rain.”

Smoke & Mirrors

I wanted the shot to be epic. Because I am soo petite I decided to shoot with the baby elephant so her mom didn't over power me in the shot.

Swimming with Elephants.

During this time of year the country was flooded with rain. The photographer i shot with wanted to cancel due to weather concerns. He was afraid we would not be able to get the shots. But that's the thing about creating. Sometimes to have to find the beauty in the things that aren't so beautiful.

I documented everything from my food, fish pedicure and More. I even shard my experience with family and friends and social media using hashtags (#vacation #dream #summer) to reach a wider audience.

My best advice to someone wanting to travel is to not wait for people. If I waited for others o share the same interest. I'd never have these experiences.

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