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Destination Dubai, the best Urban Vaction

An Experience Curated by "Black Excellence" from all regions.

Moments at the Masque. Some Religious Monuments have strict policies. I retrieved this photo from my deleted pics after a security guard snatched my phone, and deleted the shot. Thank God for iPhones.

This Vacation Package was Lit. The Week Long Event included Excursions from Camel Rides, Riding Dirt Bikes in the Desert, a Comedy Show, 3 Beach Parties, a Private Party in Abu Dhabi, All White Yacht Party, transportation/charter bus and more.

Serving Real House Wives of Dubai

Baby knows how to hang a suit. l Always have a "theme" or color palette on vacation. Inspired by the all white party, I wore white on the entire trip and changed my hair daily to market my business. Many people caught on, appreciated it and i made contacts and new clientele from London, France, Jamaica & New York. It was soo dope meeting people with British accents and Gold Fronts.

Most of the Native Women are covered, but have a Beat Face. As a female Tourist it isn't necessary. But make sure that you are completely covered to enter religious buildings. Please visit this beautiful country while your young. It will be a trip to remember.

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